Radical West Racing is off to a Rolling Start in March with the Purchase of Spring Mountain Motorsports Club

Radical West Racing is pleased to announce expert option app review that we have officially entered into a Purchase Agreement with Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Pahrump, Nevada. At the close of escrow in June 2004 Radical West Racing will be the proud new owners of a challenging and well-designed 2.2 mile race track in an historic desert town, 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Pahrump is a Paiute Indian word, meaning 'water on the rock.' The race track is situated on 193 acres of land on an aquifer, a resource that nurtures an expanding population. expert option platform

Along with the purchase of the race track, we will also be taking over operations of one of the most well-respected and renowned Driving Schools in the country, Bragg-Smith Advanced Driving School, now hosted at Spring Mountain Motorsports Club track. Rupert Bragg-Smith, a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and current Owner of the race track and the Advanced Driving School, purchased his own land and then designed and built a road course that is completely booked for the entire season. In addition to being used used by his Corvette Driving School, Rupert also rents the track out to event companies, and for testing by automotive manufacturers and racing teams. expert option traders

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